Our programs for each of the camps are going to be rich with a variety of activities from morning to night. It is important that there is a good mixture of physical and mental exercises to keep the participants enjoying each day while learning and improving their skills and characteristics. The following is a short list of activities scheduled:

  • Basketball (Daily leagues and some training sessions)
  • Tennis (Leagues and some training)
  • Swimming (Leisure and some training)
  • Soccer (League and some training)
  • Zip Line and Adventure Runs
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
  • Lake Water Slide
  • Jet Ski Tubing
  • Speed Boat Tubing
  • Volleyball
  • Archery
  • Wall Climbing
  • Daily lectures: 2 times a day presented by Br. Hassanain, Br. Muhammed, and other visiting scholars to be announced
  • Q&A session after each lecture
  • Bonfire discussions about various topics
  • Tafseer of Quran on various topics
  • Presentations by youth at various times
  • Debates on various topics of interest
  • Public speaking sessions
  • Annual play by participants
  • Quiz games on various evenings

(Optional with fee)

  • Visit to Dearborn and vicinity for a day
  • Visit to museum for a day