Tawheed Summer Camp is a spiritually gratifying summer experience that welcomes Muslim and non-Muslim adults, youth, and children alike to an exclusive facility in Michigan.

Through deep, insightful lecturing, wholesome physical activity, and pleasant social gatherings, the camp aspires to achieve a balance of physical, mental, and emotional advancement, essential for a successful life.

Our camp places a unique emphasis on healthy living in a spiritual environment, which promotes caring, sharing and learning from an Islamic perspective. This will foster a positive outlook in life.

Tawheed Camp brings together families and individuals of diverse cultures for a fun-filled and spiritual experience that will remain in their hearts and minds for a lifetime. Emphasis is on practical Islamic living, learning, and inspiration surrounded by natural beauty. By encouraging friendship, spiritual exploration and respect for others, the program seeks to strengthen the Muslim identity in a positive way.

Camp Taha offers comfortable amenities with many up-to-date accommodations and playing areas, plus an exclusive, private facility for our sisters (Noor Village) to enjoy a variety of sports without inhibitions and modern sleeping cabins with showers and washrooms.

A five acre large reservoir owned exclusively by the camp visually enhances the camp experience and allows for various water activities daily. Beyond the stunning natural beauty replete with activities and excitement, the camper community creates life changing bonds with others from around the world and shares wonderful experiences with each other.

In a world where examples of freedom, relaxation, and true Islam are few and far between, Tawheed Summer Camp strives to provide a safe haven aimed at instilling in our community, a sense of generosity, unity, integrity, and strength.

With thousands of participants who have been inspired and their lives changed for the better, Tawheed Camp helps campers overcome their limitations and encourages positive living in the West. Our objective is to help our campers develop long term goals and make wise choices as caring, sharing, and giving members of society.

Our camps are open to the public and to people of all races, faiths, backgrounds, abilities and income levels. We strive to provide high-quality yet affordable programs for youth and adults to impact their lives positively and to give them an appreciation of the wonderful opportunities life has to offer.

“Creating an environment that enhances the mind, body and spirit of youth and families”

Larger Log Cabins On The Hills

Enjoy our comfortable log cabins with serene surroundings of our camp.

Swimming Pools For Boys And Girls

Summertime is the great opportunity have fun in our swimming pools.

Full Pitch Soccer Field

It is the perfect place to play exciting games of soccer and football.

24 Foot Climbing Wall

Climb to height on the climbing wall while you feel the adrenaline.